Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guid.comb and synchronization

Synchronize an entity between two databases.

I had set up this records with a GUID and used the guid.comb from NHibernate to generate these for me.
Then I needed to synchronize this object with an other database.

Using NHibernate, just create a new session, evict the object from the first one, and save it the next one. No problem, except a new GUID was generated....

My assumption was that an entity with a guid.com generated GUID kept its value. I was wrong.

The answer lies in the ISession.Replicate. This allowes me to copy an entity from one session to another witout losing the generated key.
  foreach (var person in persons)
targetSession.Replicate(person, ReplicationMode.Overwrite);

The ReplicationMode lets you choose the behaviour (Overwrite, LatestVersion, Ignore etc.)

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