Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Leopard takes too long to sleep (not anymore)

Usually it takes my iMac about 1 or 2 seconds to sleep (hibernate). Today it took about 25 seconds. I turned off my mac, started it again, but still it took about 25 seconds to sleep.

You can use the command pmset -g log to figure out whats happening when the mac goes to sleep. In my case I noticed an "applicationresponse.timedout" in this log for the process cupsd. This is the printer-deamon. Viewing the status of my printer I noticed a document I printed yesterday, which hasn't come out because the printer ran out of paper. Removing this item from the print-queue resulted back in a mac which went to sleep in 1-2 seconds.


Renzo said...

Thats why you need to get Windows Vista.

Rob said...

Yes indead, Vista won't wake up at all, so you don't have any 'to long to sleep' problems :)

Renzo said...

Or maybe Windows ME.