Monday, August 13, 2012

NHibernate Linq force join

NHibernate uses lazy loading, so to prevent a 1-n query, you have to tell NHibernate to fetch associations as well. With Linq to NHibernate this is done with Fetch and FetchMany. In the example below you see a call to get an Order with the forced join with the associations I needed in a view.
var orders = session.Query<Order>()
   .FetchMany(o => o.OrderItems)
      .ThenFetch(oi => oi.Item)
         .ThenFetch(i => i.Manufacturer)
   .FetchMany(o => o.AdditionalItems)
   .FetchMany(o => o.Rebates)
   .Fetch(o => o.Customer)
   .Where(o => o.PeriodStart <= toDate)
   .Where(o => fromDate <= o.PeriodEnd)
   .OrderBy(o => o.PeriodStart);

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CTRL and SHIFT key in jqGrid

I made a small snippet which allows you to use CTRL an SHIFT keys for multi-selecting rows in a jqGrid.
Please note the custom function handleMultiSelect which is called by the beforeSelectRow event from the jqGrid extension.

Click here for the demo and source.

Inspired by the solution of Byron Cobb

Friday, May 04, 2012

CSS jQuery Mobile table

jQuery Mobile has great components and api's for setting up an mobile application. But in a situation I needed a simple table. There is no neat widget for a table in jQuery Mobile. I created a css for a table which shows the data in the table as if it where on a list.
jQuery Mobile <table> CSS
See here for the source and the demo : jQuery mobile <table> CSS

Thursday, March 29, 2012

ZedGraph in MVC3

When I started a new web project for a client I needed some complex charts with loads of data. I had used jQPlot for client side charts, but in this project I simply had too many data.
ZedGraph is a nice free charting tool for WinForms which I used in previous desktop applications. Knowing its capabilities it would fit nice in this web project.
Below an example is shown how to use a zedgraph chart in MVC3.

First get the reference for ZedGraph from NuGet

Then create a new Controller, named ChartsController and create a new Action TestChart like with the code below.

public ActionResult TestChart()
    // create an instance of the GraphPane directly
    // don't use the zedgraph control, this isn't WinForms
    var zedGraphPane = new GraphPane();

    // Set the Titles and types
    zedGraphPane.Title.Text = "ZedGraph in MVC 3";
    zedGraphPane.XAxis.Title.Text = "Time";
    zedGraphPane.XAxis.Type = AxisType.Date;
    zedGraphPane.YAxis.Title.Text = "mm";

    // create pointseries
    PointPairList pointserie1 = new PointPairList();
    PointPairList pointserie2 = new PointPairList();

    // fill pointseries with data
    for (int i = 0; i < 200; i++)
        pointserie1.Add((double)new XDate(DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(i)), 
                1.5 + Math.Sin( (double)i * 0.2));
        pointserie2.Add((double)new XDate(DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(i)), 
            3.0 * ( 1.5 + Math.Sin( (double)i * 0.2 )));

    // link the points to the lineserie
    LineItem curve1 = zedGraphPane.AddCurve("Line 1",
            pointserie1, Color.Red, SymbolType.None);
    LineItem curve2 = zedGraphPane.AddCurve("Line 2",
            pointserie2, Color.Blue, SymbolType.None);

    // force an axischange to plot all data and recalculate all axis
    // this is normally done by the control, but this is not possible in mvc3
    Bitmap bm = new Bitmap(1, 1);
    using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bm))
    // create a stream to store a PNG-format image
    var outStream = new MemoryStream();
    // ouput graph to stream
    zedGraphPane.GetImage(640, 480, 96, true)
         .Save(outStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png);
    // set streamposition to 0
    outStream.Position = 0;
    // return stream as file result
    return new FileStreamResult(outStream, "image/png");


The result of the chart